Now In Color: full collection of poems. Perugia Press. 2020.
Nectar and Small: chapbook of poems. Finishing Line Press. 2019.

Multimedia Collaborations

Look Again Series. Collaboration with artist Julie Lapping Rivera. Jovita Idár: “Inviting the Broad Horizons.” Online.

Artivism4Earth. Hour of Decision: A Cycle of Four Elements. “Fire-Activated.” Online

Periodicals | Reviews

Western Humanities Review: Defacing the Monument by Susan Briante. Online.

Periodicals | Poetry

Waxing. Issue XXIX. Fall 2023. “Bonneville,” “Pando Aspen Clone,” “Metamorphosis of the Pale Tussock on a Plum Tree Branch.” 
High Country News. July Issue. “Sister Storms.”

Poetry Northwest. XVI. Issue 2. Winter & Spring 2022. “Particles.” 49.
Thousand Languages. Hayden’s Ferry Review’s special project. “Self-Portrait as Minotaur” republished and translated into Chinese by Zhongxing Zeng.

Digging Through The Fat.
April 2021 Poetry. “Walking with You in Santorini.”
2. “My Rita Hayworth,” “Spanish Language Film House, 1930s,” and “Mexico as Mexico, 1914.”

 Fall 2019. “Canción de Cuna” and “Zero, 2018.”
Hayden’s Ferry Review. 
64. Spring/Summer 2019. “Self-Portrait as Minotaur.” 140. (Winning a 2019 Intro Journal Award selected by Stephanie L. Harper)
Miramar Magazine. 8. 2019.
“The Queen of Technicolor.” 99.
New Ohio Review
. 2019 Summer Exclusive. Online. “Now In Color.”

26. Online. “The Other Side of Giving” and “My Life.”
Halophyte Magazine: Mapping/Walking. 1. “Neighborhood as Labyrinth” and “trazar un mapa.” n. pag.
Poet Lore. Fall/Winter 2018. 113:3/4. “Alas translates to wings.” 54.
Swamp Ape Review. Spring 2018. 1. “Because we saw it in the movies,” and “Speculations on Disappearance.”15-16.

Canary: A Literary Journal of the Environmental Crisis. 37. Summer 2017. Online. “Without the Flood.”
Interim: A Journal of Poetry and Poetics. 34:4. Online. “oscuro,” “rueda,” and “huerta.”
Public Pool: One Space for All Poets
. July 2017. Online. “esperanza,” “salvaje,” “Some Horses.”
Wildness Journal. Platypus Press
. 8. April 2017. Online. “Scene 1: Doorway,” and “Scene 2: Everyone had expectations about what should happen next.”

Blackbird. 15:1. Spring 2016. Online. “Accountability for Your Blind Sheep,” “Somewhere Else in Texas.”
Cobalt. 16. 26 January 2016. Online. “Diptych.” 23.
Connotation Press. 1:8. September 2016. Online. “This Name,” “Azul for Water,” and “The Dead Dream Us.”
cream city review: the other side of the mirror folio. 39:2 Fall/Winter 2015-2016. “Giants’ Faces Held in the Hills.” 85.
Existere. 35:1. “Tradition of the Body,” 39. “How is apology inspired?” 40.
New Plains Review. Fall 2016. “The River: My Mother’s Spider Veins.” 5.
Poet Lore. 111:3/4. Fall/Winter 2016. “You and I See the Animals.” 30-31.
Qu Literary Magazine. 3. 2016. Print and Online. “Water Theory.” 46, and “Hero,” 48.
Southern Humanities Review. 50:3&4. “Finger Puppet in the Likeness of Frida Kahlo.” 62.
Spillway: Seasons. 24. Summer 2016. “Amargosa Opera House, Death Valley,” 32.

The Citron Review. Fall 2015. 15 September 2015. Online. “Lion Lights.”
Cider Press Review. 17:3. 1 July 2015. Online. “Melanie Griffith and The Lion.”
Cactus Heart. 12 e-Issue. Summer 2015. “Appetite Upgrade,” 103.
Into the Teeth of the Wind. 13. 2015. Print and Online. “Reflections After Encountering a Loose Dog.” 34. “Naked Paper Dolls.” 95.
Mead Magazine. 9. Spring 2015. Online.  “Sundried.”
Miramar Magazine. 3. 2015. “Cosmos Again,” “Becoming a Mammal.” 132-133.
The Missing Slate. Weekend Poem. 8 February 2015. Online. “God in Translation.

A Sense of Place. Riverside Art Museum exhibit catalogue. Summer 2011. “Impressions.” n. pag.
Revealing Character. Riverside Art Museum exhibit catalogue. Fall 2011. “The Unsupervised Day Dream.” n. pag.
San Pedro River Review. 2:2. Fall 2014. “Ulithi.” 45.
Solo Novo: Art and Revolution. 3. 2013. “Tour of the Golden Gate: An Epilogue for Kees.” 29.

Periodicals | Fiction

Flyway Journal of Writing & Environment. Forthcoming 2024. “The Extinctionglass.” 5-page story.

Jabberwock Review. 37:1. Summer 2016. “When You’re Dating The End.” 95-96. Flash Fiction.
The Gateway Review. 2:2. Spring 2016. “The World Briefly Underwater.” 21-32. Story.
(Winning story for the 2nd place in fiction Glendon and Kathryn Swarthout Award in Writing at ASU 2016 and the 2nd place award for The Gateway Review, 2016)

Revealing Character. Riverside Art Museum exhibit catalogue. Fall 2011. “Climbing Rose.” n. pag. Flash Fiction.